Wed 30 March 2016


Installing Empire on Arch Linux

I'm an Arch linux fan and I've been using Empire on a lot of pentests recently. Problem is Empire requires Swig2 and Arch had only Swig3 in it's repos.

Today I just noticed that the Arch AUR has a functional Swig2 package, and I finally got Empire running! W00t!

So, without further ado (I'm assuming you have yaourt installed and you're using a python2 virtualenv):

#Install Swig2
yaourt -S swig2

#Temporarly symlink swig-2 to swig, otherwise python dependency compilation will fail
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/swig-2 /usr/bin/swig

#Again, I'm assuming you're using a virtualenv cause python3 is the default python interpreter on arch
pip install pycrypto iptools pydispatcher m2crypto m2ext

#Remove the temporary symlink cause it could cause package conflicts
sudo rm /usr/bin/swig

cd Empire/setup

#Initialize Empire's database

#Generate a self-signed cert to use https listeners

#Run Empire
python empire

aaaaaand Profit!

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